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Picgravy turns social network photos into sharable, gift-able and utterly irresistible picture magnets!


Mobile Skin iPhone 6S Custom Back Skin

Create a personalised Back Skin from your own photos!


Hard Cover iPhone 6 Custom KEEP CALM Phone Cover

Create custom-unique Keep Calm phrase phone covers.


Create a set of 9 magnets from your Instagram images. Upload f...  know more

Set of 9 Magnets Classic (2X2 in) : 599.00
Large (3X3 in) : 899.00

Create a set of 9 magnets from your Facebook images. Upload yo...  know more

Set of 9 Magnets 599.00

Keep calm and create your own phrases with this set of one, pe...  know more

Size: (2X3 in) : 125.00 Each

Coming Soon

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How to use

Transform your photographs into personalised magnets in 3 easy steps!

Connect to facebook or instagram

Connect to Facebook or Instagram

Pick and choose

Pick and choose your photos

Receive personalized magnets

Receive personalized photo magnets!

Picgravy Magnet Store takes your social network photos off the screen and prints them onto a sheet of 9 vibrant magnets that you can keep or gift to your loved ones!

Picgravy around the web

Turn your Facebook or Instagram photos into real life personalised photo magnet keepsakes! Scroll down to see what our user community has created from Picgravy Magnet Store!

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