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About Us

Picgravy turns social network photos into sharable irresistible picture magnets!

Welcome to, where you create your own personalised magnets from photos on your social networks! We started in April 2014, and already Picgravy has designed many ways to share your life and your interests with friends and family. We also feature inspirational phrases and sweet art by amazing artist TheFilmyOwl.

Picgravy believes helping our customers share joy, laughter and smiles with their loved ones is a daily joy. Keeping that in mind, we decided to make it easy to do this in many small but meaningful ways. Whether you want to give a quick gift or make a big statement, our personalised magnets are perfect. Take your photos from Facebook or Instagram and turn them into picture magnets for your office cubicle, your refrigerator or any other metal surface. A few clicks and you have these irresistible magnets en route to you! We even sell Gift Certificates, so you can share the experience of personalised social magnets with friends!

Our magnet themes include the “Stay calm and...” slogans, which you create yourself for your own funny message or inspirational reminder. We also feature the InstaGrid magnet system. This magnet takes one image and cuts it into 9 individual magnets. Use them as a puzzle for a child or as an art collage as individual as yourself.

The Picgravy magnets feature vivid colours and visually stunning artwork perfect for your home decor design. We hope you check out our offerings and start sharing the wonder with others in your life.

A new media and digital agency based out of Delhi NCR. Picgravy is one of its flagship social products which enable users to create lovable physical products using various social platforms.