Product Round-up and Giveaway #1

It’s been more than four months since we started and we have got some awesome feedback from all you lovely people. We have added four new products since we started and would love to continue create more and more engaging products.

Turning your photos into fun little magnets has been really an awesome experience for all of us.

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We started with 2×2 and 2×3 Instagram and Facebook magnets.

Your Instagram pictures as photo magnets
Based on popular demand, we introduced Large Instagram photo magnets. 3″x3″ size is almost 50% bigger than the classic 2″x2″ Instagram magnets.
Instagram Large
Instagram Large

It has been really fun working with Angel a.k.a TheFilmyOwl! Her artwork has been as vibrant as she and we have not met a single person who has not been floored by her happy words! Personalised-photo-gifts-magnets

Personalised photo magnets
The Filmy Owl magnets

We took a while to perfect Instagrid but eventually we did! One image cut across perfect 9 squares. How cool is to be able to create photo grid or a jigsaw out of your Instagram images? Perfect for gifts or to add bit of mystery to your magnets

Instagrid Magnets
Instagrid Magnets

Do we need to say more about these epic Keep Calm magnets? Personalize them and have fun with them! Perfect for gifts or to send a message across ;)

Keep Calm Magnets
Keep Calm Magnets

Give Away #1 We are giving away two sets of classic Instagram or Facebook magnets.

To enter, just leave a comment on this post with which is your favourite magnet type. We will choose winners randomly.

We will be announcing winners on August 15

Open to Indian readers only!

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  1. sunny

    Very good product. .. superb quality….. must try it…

  2. Tarun Choudhary

    Its awesome to convert your soft memories into magnets and stick any where to you nearest IRON.

  3. Khushnaz

    It’s good that you have come up with this concept in India, though I find the prices quite high. My favourite ones are the classic Instagram magnets. Here’s hoping Picgravy can reduce the prices, so I can freely order magnetic prints of my photos :-)

  4. Ritesh Arora

    As a photographer I’ve always wanted to gift pictures to others however lacked ideas and framed pictures are a past thing now however this is indeed a lovely concept. Interesting and many thanks!

  5. Rajat

    Instagram and facebook magnets
    I just checked the site,looks cool prima facie but will have to see to believe :)

  6. Sunil

    I really like Instagrid and Instagram classic!

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