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File Size/Resolution not suitable for Printing.

Custom Wall Filler

About wall filler

Customize your poster with photos, quotes, icons and pictures. Choose from a variety of occasions, backgrounds and layouts.

Just upload them from your Phone, Computer, Facebook or Instagram.

Filler type : Filler with single image, Filler with 2 images

We provide these Wall Filler without frames.

Available sizes: 12 X 18 inches.

Poster types: a) Poster with 1 image; b) Poster with 6 images; c) Poster with 24 images.

Paper type: Matte paper with lamination

We provide a quality postage and packaging service to deliver your poster safe and sound within 3-5 working days.

Come and join us for an exciting experience of our laser printers to ensure precise and the highest quality color printing.

100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Custom Wall Filler

Fill your wall with our ‘Customised Wall Filler’. We use archival and high-quality poster paper which will bring out the best in your photos. The level of details in our large format poster prints is absolutely stunning – from the vivid colors to the crisp contrast. The posters are appropriate as home decor and as well as display as commercial banners.

Filler type : Filler with single image, Filler with 2 images

Here only you have to choose favorite high-resolution photos from your Phone and Computer for upload.

  • The Wall Filler is 18” x 36" in size
  • We provide these Wall Filler without frames
  • This is a full bleed print i.e. no white borders
  • Printed on professional Matte paper with lamination for extra protection

Rs.699/- per filler

Ordering Tips for best quality Print:

For best possible prints, please ensure that your original file is in a 1:2 aspect ratio. This will prevent you from having to crop the image at all, and will give you the best representation of your photo.

The minimum photo size needed to print a wall filler is 5 mega pixels. Please note that this size will produce a print that will look great from about 10 feet away, but up close may look quite pixelated.

NOTE: Optimal photo size for this print is 2000 x 4000 pixels or greater. This will give you a giant super crisp print!

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