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Customised Key Chain
Customised Key Chain

Never lose your keys with these distinctive key chains, they can be customized by logos or names or photos. Also it makes for an ideal corporate gift.

Size (H-2.6 X W- 1.75 inch) MDF Oval Shaped : ` 299.00Size (H-2.6 X W-1.75 inch) MDF Rectangle Shaped : ` 299.00Size (H-2 X W-2.25 inch) MDF Heart Shaped : ` 299.00Size (H-2.25 X W-2 inch) MDF House Shaped : ` 299.00Size (H-2.75 X W-1.5 inch) MDF Bell Shaped : ` 299.00Size (H-1.4 X W-1.4 inch) Metal Diamond Shaped : ` 399.00Size (H-1.5 X W-1.65 inch) Metal Sunflower Shaped : ` 399.00Size (H-1.6 X W-1.6 inch) Metal Love Heart Shaped : ` 399.00Size (H-1.75 X W-1.75 inch) Metal Round Shaped : ` 399.00Size (H-2.2 X W-1.2 inch) Metal Biconcave Shaped : ` 399.00Size (H-1.6 X W-1.6 inch) Metal Hexagon Shaped : ` 399.00